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Considerations When Hiring A Criminal Defense Attorney For Your Homicide Case

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You should hire an experienced criminal defense attorney if you or your loved one is facing a serious charge such as first, second, or third-degree murder, attempted murder, or vehicular homicide because you are literally putting your life in their hands. Not all criminal defense attorneys defend homicide cases because special skills, techniques, and strategies are absolutely necessary to effectively represent individuals facing these types of charges.

The defense of these cases should start on day one. Your homicide attorney should be involved with every aspect of the investigation and should know what experts to hire in every phase of the case. Experts that may be necessary are endless: Mental Health experts; DNA experts; Accident Scene Reconstruction experts; Fingerprint and Blood Spatter experts to name a few.

A defense attorney should not accept a homicide case unless he or she has extensive experience defending these types of cases and other serious felonies. Jury trial experience is a must. Always ask any attorney you are considering hiring what their jury trial experience is. Consider whether they are qualified to handle death penalty cases. Attorneys who handle death penalty cases must demonstrate to the court that they have handled a certain number of complicated trials, including murder trials.

A homicide case may take several months to resolve either through a negotiated plea deal or through a jury trial. You want to hire someone that you feel you can trust. Hire someone who is accessible and who will return your phone calls. An important part of representing clients who have been accused of a crime of this nature is communicating effectively with family members and within the bounds of their ethical rules of course. An experienced and effective homicide attorney knows how to communicate with their clients and their clients’ families.

The criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Powers Sellers & Finkelstein, PLC have years of combined experience representing individuals who have been accused of homicide. They are qualified to handle death penalty cases and are often times hired by other law firms as co-counsel to assist in the defense of serious homicide cases. Speak with an experienced homicide attorney today. Keep Calm Call Us®! 727-531-2926.

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