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Were you arrested for a criminal charge in the state of Florida and are looking for a good Insanity Defense Attorney?

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Why choose us for your Insanity Defense case?

Although the Insanity Defense is one of the most controversial defenses, ironically, it is rarely used. Our Law Firm has had success asserting insanity pleas, acquiring Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity verdicts for individuals.

Since an insanity plea is rarely used, many Attorneys do not have the skills or experience necessary to defend these types of cases. Our defense attorneys are highly trained in the area of mental illnesses and fully understand how having a mental illness can shed light on an individual’s criminal behavior. Knowing what experts to hire and how to speak their language is crucial to a successful Insanity Defense.

What to know about Insanity Defense in Florida

The Insanity Defense can be difficult to mount successfully; juries are skeptical of the defense and often assume that defendants insanity plea is just a way to avoid responsibility for their actions.  Most people do not know that an insanity plea can be negotiated with the prosecuting authority. Hiring good experts, organizing the defense in a clear and consistent manner and having a comprehensive treatment plan can lead to a negotiated resolution without the need to proceed to trial.